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Friday, February 29, 2008

Of Sekolah Menengah Sains Selangor, or, So Long, Daniellia...

I never knew that it would be this difficult. I mean, this was what I've always wanted. What we have always wanted. And when you scored 5A's in your UPSR, we knew that it would just be a matter of time before we have to send you to a Fully Residential School. It was then just a matter of where and when. Between KYS or any SBP or MRSM.

When you got that offer to go to SMSS, I was very happy for you. It's an excellent school; well known for its academic consistency, sports excellence and fine leadership and character building. Plus it's near to us. On one hand, you get to go to a fully residential school. On the other, we could come visit you as often as we'd like to. It's like getting the best of both worlds.

Yes, my daughter, I'm happy for you. Being an ex-boarding school student tells me that you will never regret following in our footsteps. The school itself is fantastic; with its hostels nicely perched on a little hilltop, overlooking serene gardens and lakes. And I was glad to see that you've instantly made some new friends. I know you will make waves here, the way you always do. You go, girl.

But there's undeniably that underlying feeling. A tinge of sadness; of emptiness and loss. For once, I begin to understand those tears streaking down my mother's eyes when the whole family sent me to study at MCKK exactly 28 years ago. My father, of course, solemnly maintained his composure, and that stern look certainly fooled me then. Today, I found myself trying hard to maintain the same composure. No, I shall not shed a single tear. I have to appear strong to you, and to your siblings.

And as we left you standing there trying hard to hold back your tears, and at the same time struggling with our own, only one other feeling was equally intense, and that is our pride of having such a wonderful daughter like you. We really hope that your other siblings will take the cue from your success. Even if that invariably means more goodbyes like this one.

So long, Daniellia. We will surely be missing you.

~ Dedicated to our beloved daughter, Daniellia Zainisya binti Mohd Zaim Al-Amin ~

Love and kisses from:-

Bapa (Zaim Al-Amin)
Mama (Nina Norfaizah)
Adik Hilmi (Hilmi Firdaus)
Adik Zetri (Daniellia Zetrisya)
Adik Iqmal (Iqmal Firdaus)


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